Saturday, April 18, 2009

What Is Your Manifesto?

Brands are the most important business assets nowadays. They play a central role in our everyday life and surround us from everywhere and around the clock. In most cases we don’t even think about the brand values, beliefs, business practices and role in the society when we are buying their products and services.

Everyday we deal with brands through their products, services, people, communication and eventually their role in local and global society. Knowing who they are and the real human face of the corporation and the brand will open the door for a different kind of relationships.

It is our right to ask and know what they stand for and fight for before we even buy products, pay for services or give our time and attention to what they are saying and doing. We need to know what causes do you support and fight for beyond just making money and growing your business which we expect and respect.

Beyond simple transactions and consumptions any purchase is a vote and we need to use this vote responsibly.

What is your manifesto Mr. Brand? – Mr. Coffee? Mr. Bank? Mr. Airline? Mr. Apparel? and Mr. TV Station?

What is your manifesto? – Do you even have one?

Jean-Claude Saade

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